hope 4 e4 braided


- 30% pressure increase compared with the Tech 3 brake.

- All Tech 4 brakes are supplied with new racing compound pads.

- Hinged clamp design to reduce weight and reservoir area increased to lower overall stack height.

- Shifter integration has been improved and now offers 30° of angle adjustment as well as neater packaging and compatibility with the latest shifters. Lateral adjustment on both sides of the master cylinder is also possible to give a wide range of lever position options

- Hybrid-style pistons that allow smoother movement and require less maintenance, and a phenolic insert to manage heat transfer during extreme use.

- The Tech 4 retains the tool-free bite point and reach adjustments from the Tech 3.

Whether you're competing in an enduro event or wanting a more confident, performance-orientated braking setup for your trail riding adventures, this hydraulic disc brake is developed for reliable, consistent braking operation. It features a more ergonomical lever shape that's designed to provide the best mechanical advantage during braking. Another highlight is its increased power when compared to its predecessor the Tech 3, which allows it to offer a 30% pressure increase.

Race Ready Hydraulic Disc Brake
The Tech 4 E4 builds on Hope's 25+ years' experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic brake systems. The Tech 4 uses updated internal sealing for reduced friction and the pivot spins on roller bearings, allowing the spring rate to be reduced. The lower spring rate in turn gives a lighter lever action, reducing rider fatigue and keeping the legendary feel and modulation. The updated E4 caliper utilises hybrid-style stainless steel pistons with a phenolic insert allowing for smoother movement and less maintenance, while still able to manage high temperatures without heat transfer during extreme use.

Tool-Free Reach Adjust
Designed for simplicity, Hope has kitted out this mountain bike (MTB) hydraulic disc brake with a tool-free reach adjustment and bite point. This means that you can easily fine-tune the distance between the lever blade and your handlebar for a more customised braking feel that matches your hand size as well as your riding style. Coming complete with a range of performance-enhancing technologies, the Hope Tech 4 E4 Brake - No Rotor is a perfect upgrade for powerful and consistent braking performance, wherever your next ride takes you