Should I go Tubeless

Should I go Tubeless

Monday 9th September 2019

Orange Seal Tyre Sealant - For road, gravel, and MTB
By now, most mountain bikers have been converted to the benefits of tubeless tyres, with them becoming standard on most XC, trail and enduro bikes. Following this, road cyclists are started to feel the benefits being offered by tubeless setups including lower rolling resistance and increased comfort through the ability to safelyrun lower pressures with less risk of punctures. Whilst tubeless tyres are now widely available for road and MTB, it's important to run the best sealant you can to ensure the best possible protection against punctures.

Any tubeless setup will benefit from using Orange Seal tubeless tyre sealant over other sealants, with Orange Seal regularly coming best in class in magazines and independent reviews, scoring 4.5/5 by Bikeradar, 4.5/5 with, 9/10 with MBR and 9/10 with Cyclinst Weekly. Using premium latex and 'Nanites', Orange Seal coats the entire tyre from bead-to-bead to ensure complete protection. The unique Nanites enable Orange Seal to quickly and permanently seal punctures and sidewall slices far bigger than other sealants.
Orange Seal is STILL the next generation of tyre sealant.
Thanks to the easy application injector, installing Orange Seal is a breeze. No more unseating the tyre from the rim, and spilling sealant. Simply remove the valve core, and inject the sealant straight from the bottle saving you time and mess in an already busy workshop.

Once setup, all just periodically top-up your sealant using the easy application injector to ensure maximum protection. Chose between regular sealant for the best possible performance or endurance sealant for a longer average lifespan, or for use in cooler conditions.