Cycle To Work Scheme

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Getting out of the car and onto the bike for your daily commute is a win win for all concerned.

From keeping fit and healthy, reducing traffic and pollution, and with higher and higher petrol prices saving money! Now is the time to cycle to work.

Cycle scheme is the leading cycle to work scheme and an easy way to get a bike tax free and by paying through your monthly salary, it's easy to afford.

Cycle to work providers we work with are the following :

Halfords cycle to work
cycle scheme
cycle solutions
Salary extras
Green commute initiative


  • Makes paying for a new bike and accessories easier
  • Reduces commuting cost
  • Keep fit and healthy
  • Beat congestion
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Some bikes will be available at the discounted price, but please contact us first to confirm

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  • Improve your employee benefits
  • Free to set up and easy to implement and manage
  • Savings on National Insurance Contributions
  • Eases parking and congestion problems
  • Improves the health of employees
  • Reduce your businesses carbon footprint

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