Shimano BL-MT501/BR-MT520 Hydraulic Disc Brake


Shimano MT501/MT520 I-Spec 2 Compatible Disc Brake Kit (0) MADMT501BLF Powerful disc brakes with 4-piston calipers

Offers excellent power & control in all conditions

Ergonomic lever is ideal for one-finger braking

Shimano's 4-piston Saint, Zee and XT disc brakes have been renowned for their phenomenal stopping power for years and now that incredible power comes to a new, lower price thanks to the MT501/MT520 Brakes.

Great value 4-piston disc brakes provide incredible stopping power
Stiff and lightweight 2-piece caliper with opposed pistons in two diameters to reduce pad wear and increases control
Ergonomic alloy brake lever with hinged clamp is easy to install and is extremely comfortable
Compatible with I-Spec II gear shifters for neat integration of handlebar controls
Includes resin brake pads, spare olives and inserts so you can cut hoses to correct length - rear hose length: 1700mm, front hose length: 1000mm
The MT501/MT520's 4-piston caliper is what sets it apart from Shimano's other budget brakes. Using 4 opposed pistons with 2 diferent diameters reduces pad wear and increases control. The calipers 2-piece construction is also lightweight and incredibly stiff, so you can be sure that none of the power generated is going to waste; these are designed to slow you down in a hurry!

Power is nothing without control and thankfully the alloy brake lever uses Shimano's tried and tested design that is incredibly comfortable thanks to its ergonomic design that is perfect for one-finger braking. The hinged clamp also makes installation incredibly easy; no need to remove grips or other controls! The lever also features a tooled reach adjuster, so you can be sure to find a setup that works for you, no matter how big or small your hands are. The lever is compatible with Shimano's I-Specc II gear shifters, so you can neatly integrate your brakes and gears into one unit for a clean, less cluttered look.

Ease of use is what Shimano brakes are known for and the MT501/MT520 is no different. Mineral oil is non-corrosive and less hazardous than DOT fluid found in other brakes and won't make a mess of your frame, while the shim-less mounting system makes it easy to get the brakes running perfectly with no brake rub. The brakes also include spare olives and inserts should you need to cut down the stock hose length. Great value, reliable and incredibly powerful, if you want as much stopping power as you could ever need without breaking the bank, you should invest in a set of Shimano MT501/MT520 brakes!