Delivering proven Shimano gear shifting performance, the GRX 810 Mechanical STI Lever (for left or right-hand) is part of the newly engineered range of components that will enhance your gravel riding experience, helping you to explore beyond your normal limits. The shifting internals are borrowed from mountain bike technology, so are robust and durable for rough terrain whilst still ensuring effortless, crisp gear selection, and the anti-slip finish helps you to maintain control in the worst conditions. Shimano's Servowave Action requires only a small amount of force through the hands to deliver brake pad movement, so the stopping performance is sharp and predictable and with the reach adjustment, you can tailor the lever angle to suit your exact needs.

Bring top-line performance to your gravel and adventure riding with the Shimano GRX 810 Hydraulic Disc Brake Lever and Caliper for the left hand and rear brake, which has been specifically designed for greater control and confidence across mixed terrain. The brake lever uses Servowave Action technology that requires a smaller force to deliver powerful stopping and modulation performance and the anti-slip construction improves feel and handling when the conditions are more challenging. The ergonomic shaping enhances comfort and thanks to an adjustable reach you can fine-tune the fit to perfectly suit your style.

The BR-RX810-R Hydraulic disc brake caliper is flat mount and features an innovative anti-mud specification so that braking performance isn't hindered by poor weather and gritty trail conditions. Heat is dissipated quickly for consistent stopping power, especially on long descents, and with wheel replacement and bleeding made easy, maintenance both at home or the trail side is quick and easy.

Servowave Action means smaller lever movements can deliver stronger braking performance
Shimano GRX 810 Hydraulic disc brake lever
Shimano BR-RX810-R Hydraulic Disc Brake caliper
Gravel inspired lever and bracket ergonomics
Anti-slip construction
Greater control across mixed terrain
Reliable light feel and performance
Adjustable reach
Excellent heat dissipation
Flat mount and anti-mud specification
Convenient tool access
Simple wheel replacement
Easy and clean bleeding system
Never hesitate to tackle rough surfaces
Simple set up and maintenance
Part of the Shimano GRX 11-speed series