Cyclops Magneto Turbo Trainer


New 5-position adjustment makes it easy to vary your workouts.

Bar-mounted remote shifter available for purchase to upgrade Mag to a Mag+

Mag+ includes a bar-mounted remote shifter.

Lifetime manufacturers warranty!

Stay strong all year long!

Turn your bike into more than a fair weather friend with the help of a Mag trainer. The perfect solution to getting in a ride when its too cold, wet or dark to go outside, the Mag sets up quickly and easily for on-the-spot spins.

Shift your thinking
True, riding outside is everyones preference, but riding inside is better than not riding at all. To make it more life-like, the Mag+ has five adjustable levels of linear resistance to accommodate your workout.

The Mag+ also includes a bar-mounted remote shifter for changing resistance levels while you ride.
With the power to vary your effort and an included training DVD (US only) you will pass the time with ease as you pedal your way to better fitness.

Guaranteed for life
Like all of our CycleOps trainers, the Mag comes with a lifetime warranty so you′ll never need to purchase another trainer. It also features the same sturdy, steel construction and safety features of all of our trainers so you can ride worry-free. When you invest in a Mag you′re investing in life-long health. Guaranteed.