Cateye Volt 200 XC/Rapid Mini Light Set


The Cateye Volt 200 XC and Rapid Miini light set is great if you are looking to cycle to work, college or university. Upfront the cateye Volt 200Xc produces a bright, white beam pattern which is noticeable from a fair distance away. With 3 different modes you can choose the one that best suits you and the conditions you are riding in. When the light inevitably runs out of battery, you can plug into a laptop, computer or USB wall plug for instant charging.

The Rapid Mini Rear has got your back covered. With a total of 3 LEDs, centre one being more powerful than the other two, the light produces some eye catching displays and will always be able to warn the vehicle from behind of your position on the road. Like its partner in crime the Rapid Mini is also USB rechargeable. Overall this is a great light set if you are cycling across town for the evening or would just like to own a set of safety lights.

Brightness Front: 200 Lumens
Rear: 25 Lumens
Power Source USB Rechargeable batteries
Run Time Front from 1 hrs - 20 hrs
Rear from 3 hrs - 30 hrs
Charge Time 3 hrs
Battery Life Indicator Yes
Mounting Simple quick release O-Ring
Light modes Front 3 modes:
- High
- Low
- Flash

Rear 4 Modes:
- Constant
- Flash
- Rapid
- Pulse
Front/Rear/Set Set
Weight Front 75g
Rear 21.5g