EoVolt Morning Origins electric folding bike


Alloy frame

4 speed

folds to a compact size

Battery integrated into seatpost for a clean look

Hydraulic disc brakes

Just over 14kgs in weight

2024 also sees Eovolt ebikes move to using more intuitive torque sensors which results in a much improved ride feel. Torque sensors deliver the assistance based on the pressure being put through the pedals so the system only gives you full motor assistance when you actually need it which also delivers improved battery efficiency particularly on flatter rides.

For 2024 the Morning has a completely redesigned folding cockpit now featuring more rigidity and a new integrated one step locking system.

The EOVOLT City Four bike is the upgraded version of our super popular City One folding, lightweight and ultra-compact electric bike.

The City Four is upgraded with four gears and hydraulic disc brakes making it the versatile super compact folding electric bike.

Ideal for families, commuters, campers, boat owners or simply for city dwellers who want a practical electric bike for their getting effortlessly around town.